Unexpected Web Design Trends That Are Going to Dominate Houston in 2016

It goes without saying that web design trends are extremely changeable. They are affected by different factors, so it is close to impossible to tell what trends will dominate in a year or two in advance. However, the year 2015 has already passed and web design experts now can describe the basic improvements that are expected to be observed in 2016. Let’s find out more about the new trends and the way they will affect the overall web design Houston industry this year.

Major Web Design Trends 2016 in Houston

1. Typography and Color Transformation

Professional Houston Web Design┬árealize how important fonts and colors are, when it comes to site creation. These are those tools, which are used to present the messages website creators wish to convey. In 2016, fonts are going to become larger, bolder and more refined, while colors will no longer be muted. This is going to become a dramatic change in the online type rendering – the one that has been expected for quite a long time!

2. Cinemagraphs Will Prevail

Being one of the major tools that help attract the attention of users, cinemagraphs will not lose their popularity in 2016. Moreover, web designers point out that they are going to prevail and here is why. The year 2015 has brought notable changes to the way cinemagraphs look today. The major event that has affected their popularity is the availability of these “live” photos on the advanced iPhone devices. The images that looked static before, have now become animated and this could not but captured the attention of users. Correspondingly, web designers are going to make use of all the cinemagraphs’ features to produce visual effects that have not existed before. This is going to become a new trend in the industry, which will demonstrate the absorbing power of these images.

3. Domination of Illustrations

The next change will affect the use of illustrations, which are going to prevail over the photos. Gone are those days when standard photo headers were used at the websites, making them look similar. Today, the situation has changed and the use of illustrations, which are considered more individual and unique, has become widespread. Well, some designers try to combine the use of photos and images, but this will hardly bring the desired effect. This is because images can be changed to your liking, thus reflecting the real essence and mission of a resource, while photos remain static and cannot be adjusted to the needs of your website.


Listed above are only a few trends, which are expected to dominate web design Houston in 2016. Whether the predictions will come true or not, we will see in the nearest future.

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