Music is Art!

Music artists and writers portray their personality through their music. You need to be passionate and have great talent to prosper in the music industry. Music can be challenging as much as the public see it as a fun thing to do.

No definite working hours

In the music industry, there are no working hours. You can end up working overtime most of the times. This interferes with a person’s personal life. The lack of definite hours hinders you from planning anything until your record is done. For music artists, the number of working hours depends on the payment you make with the recording company.

Too much paparazzi

Most of the people in the music industry do not have as much privacy as they need. This is because the paparazzi are always on their back taking photos and publishing every detail of their lives. There are cases where people in the music industry have gone into depression because of what they see written about them in magazines. Others might be going through something private in their lives but the media ends up telling the world about it all making their situations worse.

One hit wonders

There are big chances of a person becoming a one hit wonder. This is where one of your song hits so hard it even appears on the charts but it ends at that, one song. You may get that your other songs do not even make it to the radio. You are then easily forgotten and made fun of by the public.

Difficulties in choosing the right recording company

The recording company with which you record your music with can be very tricky. The big ones however are a bit picky on which and whose music to produce as they would not want their money to go down the drain.

You need to know what the public loves which can be hard

You need to be creative enough to write and produce something that the public will be warm to. You therefore need to study the public and its trends. Rejection by the public can lead to huge losses to both the singer and the production company.

Creativity at all times can be exhausting

You cannot make it in this industry without creativity. Creativity at all times can be wrecking to the brain and body. You need to always think of new and interesting things at all times. This can lead to health problems like blood pressure because your mind is always at work.

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